Saturday, March 1, 2008

First nude of Kate

Charcoal drawing done in roughly 2 hours

Master Copy #1

One section of a rather large master copy (3'x7'ish), I firmly believe there are the master copies you do to learn technical skills and the copies that stand alone and become their own work.

Earthen Crystal

Wire, beeswax, potting soil, elmers glue solution. Many layers were needed to create this.

Wrong Angles

This piece can be shown at any orientation and different things will appear for the viewer.

Title Block

One thousand signatures of MICA teachers, students, and employees where gathered, then drawn on to make this work. In the end i used maybe 300, and poor paper so the work became wrinkled.

Barbara Hepworth

Foam carved and covered in plaster which was also carved.

Summer Nude (2007)


My Letter A

It's a model of a letter A in a font made for an Environmental Design introductory class.

First Steps

Here are some of the few works that were photographed from my freshmen year and the summer thereafter. In the near future expect to see much more activity, including not only finished , but also work in process, and sketchbook images.