Thursday, February 26, 2009

My view on ethics Trying to put it in words

The ethics of art
will always be in constant flux, one can only live true to themselves and what they feel. The great and wonderful thing about art, is that anyone and everyone can and will have a different view of the work. As artists we can do our best to shape how we want our viewers to react but it will never be one hundred percent of the time. My view is screw ethics in art, trust the artist to go as far as he or she is willing, trust them to make their decision because they are placing it out there for you to view and at that point what how you react is up to you. So your own personal views apply and if you are willing to to do something atrocious to make a point then fine, some may support it, or others may simply trash you. Anythings gos... It is your job to put things in context and set your boundaries. Everyone else, every institution, gallery and so on will set their own standards and view your work regardless of what you think or meant. You are free to do anything, be aware of what boundaries you are crossing though. Never just do it because you can, be purposeful.

On appropriation in art. Once you put something out there for others to view its no longer yours.
I becomes and experience, a idea and a thought of it own. You should want others to pick your ideas up and engage with them, if they then choose to use your artwork, your ideas in there own work that's fine. Someone may do it better, some may just be trying to make a profit off of you, but really I just see this as a driving force allowing you / forcing you to move and evolve. One can grab from others work as much as they please, but fair warning again to much borrowing leaves you stagnant not able to develop things yourself. GROW barrow, give, help others. Use the transparent business model don't guard things or techniques because there "yours" they should be used to everyone.

The worst thing anyone can do especially as an artists, is to make a spectacle for just because they can, Just because the controversy makes money. Just to attract attention. It is up to us as an Audience to say no, it is up to us to give our full feed back feelings and all (Anger hate, hate it love it) back to the artist so they know they can learn from their mistake, or continue to grow their genius.

Keeping things real, serious and beautifully done. Highlighting life and death, in the name of beauty, soem may find this horrid. I love her the choices to she makes when it in what eeds to be shown and what doesn't. The very fact that she exploits these natural rythms is what gives her work a charge.

A Quote from musician Stuart Davis that some up my view of ethics well.

"Ethics does not prohibit or proscribe any particular behavior. Ethics are codes of conduct observed by people. What's ethical depends upon the people. This is not relativistic mumbo jumbo. This is just to say ethics require mutuality. Do onto others as you would have them do to you. And then do it again.

It is ethical, for instance, for three consenting adults to play Naked Twister at the Holiday Inn Bemidji, provided they are conscious of the choice and its implications. The catch is that last part: Provided they are Aware. Of what they're doing, why they're doing it, who it will affect, and how it will affect them. That's a lot of shit to keep track of. It's a damn calculus problem. In fact, one almost never encounters such mutual clarity." To read the complete writing click here.