Thursday, May 1, 2008

First Post in awhile

So I had decided that this blog would be dedicated to showing work, but as i have yet to actually update it consistently. I believe I will be start journaling about my day and just constantly include images. Updating about things I hope to accomplish and so on so when I actually ave readers you can pester me about not getting things done.
Anyways today I updated links on the left, inspirations and artists I work with.

On another Note Today I participated in the Intro to GFA show on the third floor of main and generated some interest in poeole to purchase my work. And if you cannot tell by my sentence structure I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on successfully completing your sophomore year at MICA. Your painting based on the wet rock you snatched from Sleepy Hollow was my favorite in the Intro to GFA one-hour show, and looking at your paintings while Chrissie Carlson paraded her pommes is sure to become a fond memory for me. I admire your singularly stalwart approach to painting. Seeing how it develops over the next two years should be interesting. You have a real affinity and appreciation for natural emanations of organic structure. You seem very comfortable in a place where forms show themselves for just what they are on the surface. To me your work provides a voice for the unsung heroes of nature. Your paintings seem to say "here's what I am, I have nothing to hide, I'm beautiful that way" and that's enough.

Kate Glenn said...

Haha Spencer you're a "maverick" polymorph!!! You should probably change that, considering Palin has used that to death