Monday, February 9, 2009

First Attempt at Artist Bio

Spencer Agoston was born June 11 1987. Being a Gemini he takes on multiple roles when working, limited only by the need to constantly be undertake projects out of his comfort range. A painter, designer, sculptor, woodworker, an artisan, just about any process draws his desire. While still a student at the Maryland institute college, he takes full advantage of facilities and faculty at his disposal. Each and every work created begins with playfully bouncing ideas back and forth, researching, experimenting and prototyping. Resulting in work that varies from wheelchairs that walk on crutches, carefully carved vessels and bowls made of ceramic or wood, color abstractions on methodical paintings, to solid beams of wood that glow from the the inside. He is the recipient of numerous grants and Scholarships, including Ohio Distinguished Artist Scholarship, and Mica Talent Grant. His photography and paintings have been in numerous group shows and exhibitions at both Mica and City hall of Columbus Ohio.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I think it's good that you're giving your bio a try. It's a
good first attempt. You might want to give it a little more structure and flesh it out with some specifics. Here is a possible model and some suggestions for a revision that you might find useful.

Agoston, (Edward) Spencer (June 11,1987-),United States(Ohio), painter/designer/sculptor/woodworker/artisan.Currently a Junior at Maryland Institute College of Art where he is pursuing a degree in Environmental Design(Painting?)
and Art History. [One sentence summary of your artistic
achievements so far.]

He was born in a suburb of Cleveland, the son of Edward
Agoston, a businessman, and [?] Agoston, a [?]. [A couple of
sentences characterizing your school and family experiences
growing up in Brecksville.][A couple of sentences about early
interest or aptitude for art and your artistic influences and
activities(photography?) as a youngster and teenager.]

[A paragraph about your activities and interests(nature? recreation? music?) other than art and why you chose to go to art school and MICA in particular.]

[A paragraph about experiences(include learning to play the
harmonica, becoming a woodshop tech, etc.) and work/processes
at MICA. Include teachers and artists that have influenced
you most as well as favorite courses and projects. Include
why you liked them.]

[A paragraph listing exhibitions/grants/scholarships that you have been in/received or will be in or are competing for

[A sentence with links to blog and contact information.]

I wouldn't include your astrological sign and I would also
choose first-person("I" instead of "he") or third-person and
stick to it. Personally, I think first-person is most
appropriate since you are the one writing the biography and
you don't have an established career yet.

I hope you like my suggestions. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

On the pictures here.

Wheelchair/Crutches Machine: Monstrously diabolical! Anxiety in metal and rubber! Defense mechanisms made manifest and teetering on the precarious brink of total collapse! CooL

The Harmonica Kid: Why so serious?

Colored Moon?: Stunningly beautiful! A celestial dream come true! I didn't realize this was something you did until I clicked on it today. I thought it was a NASA photograph of some planet. Way to go!