Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rough broad goals.


Withen the next year.

-Have a nice artists website
-as well as a well attended blog of whats going on (good example Jamesjean.com and processrecess.com)
-this includes constant documenting of work
-The development several collaborative and ongoing projects.
-graduate from MICA(or decide to stay a fifth year.)
-go to Korea summer Residence program
-exercise regularly (so far so good) so eventually i can do P90x
SO certain artistic/pleasurable en devours can be a reasonable undertaking.
- Line up a job/internship with well established woodworking/designer/artist studio.
-Start immersing myself in the Bmore art world, networking

5 years from now
-Own my own house building,( I would love to build or restore one)
Be constantly working to get grants and residencies(and working on them)
-Have developed/inserted myself in a community of like minded fellows
-Continued investigation painting/lab, greatly increased my knowledge of woodworking.
- Gathered enough tools to be able to consider making my own wood shop.
- Visit other countries for residencies, art/design conferences.
-Have a book published on work
-Have finally become minimalistic in what i own (Highly selective/organized packrat)
-Have been published in Dwell,
-Have been published in numerous online art, and desgin sites
-Group and solo shows,
-Win or damn near close to it deisgn compititions.

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