Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Graduate Schools and the some of the Artist they Prodcue

It has been over a month since I started my research and I still cannot find anyone in a Graduate Program that I wish to work with; only people who have come out of certain graduate programs that I wish to work with. The more and more research I do the more and more affirming it is to me that I would rather go out and work for other artists and designers, while occasionally working on my own work in artists residencies.

Grade schools I am considering going to are:

For architecture /sculpture and design possibly painting. My reasoning here is many artists I look up to or draw from have been (along with the reputation that comes with a Masters from Yale). Most notably Maya Lin who has had a long successful career both architecturally and sculptural and current has a exhibition Systematic Landscapes at the Corcoran until late July.
Lynn Palewicz received her BFA here at MICA and now teaches occasionally here. Her work varies greatly yet somehow the sculpture, drawings, puppets, and self tattooing always return to photography.
Lynn Palewicz
Maya Lin
Some British Schools
Goldsmiths College and the Slade School of Art
Again many artists I look up to have gone here but most notably Anthony Gormley. A man whom wish to work with sometime in the near future. Who's entire volume of work, although formulaic at times, has evolved greatly over the years, exploring abstracted forms of his own body.

Another British School Royal College of Art
Most notable graduates for me are Darius and Downey who's' collaborative work is street of the sculptural kind, cleverly refurbishing old unused city infrastructure and reinstalling it. Each work, the subtle of absurd, holds the ability to shake an average city goer out of their daily grind and consider their surroundings.

In a future post I will be discussing Northern European school of Sculpture and Design, along with Artists and Design Studios with which would be wonderful to work with/for.


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