Sunday, March 22, 2009

My research Proposal for Hyrbid Methods

I am and have always been interested multiples, layers, duplicates, doppelgangers and so on. I am also drawn to nature, most predominantly trees, forests, and nests of all kinds. In the past micro and macro have drawn my interests and still do in many ways. I struggle match together the density of multiples with the wonderful beauty of minimalism; Simplicity and complexity together in one work. The things that I am excited to work with in this second half of the semester are the combination of wood, woodwork, and light (installation of LEDS and CFLS), along with ceramics to create both sculpture and installations. In ceramics I wish to apply what I have learned this first half to explorations of paperclay porcelain translucency, along with extruded forms that can be repeated over and over and combined in various ways. I both organic forms and geometric interest me but I believe I should pare it down a bit.

Some research I have been doing.

Some interesting porcelain lights from German artist/designer Luara Pregger

I find her "Alot of spoons" an wonderful exploration inline with my tendency to collect, design and display.

more on porcelain later.

HERE are some resoucres i have foudn when it comes to Paper Clay

PAPERCLAY blog is devoted to giveing people tips and tricks on anything there is to know about paper clay. From how to mix it to what paper fibers can be found and used, and some interesting ways of useing the stuff.

And here is an ariticle from CeramicsDaily investigating all the specail properties and characteristics of paperclay porcalien.

And finally two links about Plants
First off is an example of a Ceramic planter combined with a light source, by isreally design team Studio Schulab

A post on the 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the world. They tug at something deep down within me.

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