Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tradeing Studio visits with Alexandra B. Arocho

Alex and I paced our studio visits a week apart. I visited her studio Saturday FEB 7 and she visited the next Saturday MAR 7. I met her in her studio at the bank on a cold and VERY windy day, she was busy prepping to work for when I left and had everything ready to present to me. I was handed her resume, bio and artists statements and we got down to business. Starting with a photo presentation of her past work, ALL of it way back into high school, although very informative it could have been shortened a bit. During the presentation our conversations wandered back and forth covering everything from artwork to childhood event and I would sometimes needs to guide get us back on track. But as we turned to discuss the work she had laid about on the studio floor most of what allowed me to discuss her current work was from the wandering discussions about family, friends and memories, and less about the work that had come before it. She looks uncomfortable in her studio not sure enough of the space to really make it her own, Nothing was hung up on the wall and she just had neatly organized stacks of everything. MY biggest suggestion to her would be to bring in all of her collection and set the up on shelves , in the windows, in piles on the desks and floors. Surround herself with memories, leaving half her space for the collections and half her space dedicated purely to making her work. As it is now things more things seem to be stored then used.

On her visit to my studio I was under prepared. Most of my work was spread out around my house hung up or in storage, with very little of what I have been working on this semester in the studio itself. Regardless of this fact the work I presented showed a clear timeline of evolution and the process I work with. Within my homes studio is a lab for experiments and exploration, filed with tools, books, magazines, and past works that dead ended. Overall the presentation went extremely well, Alex was able to grasp the leaps and bounds of the variety work presented because the studio was also filled with prints and objects from that are my inspiration my research. For future visits I would like to have a clean house to view the work display outside of the studio, while leaving the studio for the experiments and work that would benefit being seen with the research. I would of course have paperwork to give the visitors but would prefer to rely upon discussion to inform them of the work and space.

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